NEWFUNDS SHARIA TOP40 's current holdings are as follows:

Total dividends received: R0,00
Cash on hand (including dividends): R1,99 (0% of portfolio)
Total fees paid: R796,80
Net profit on share sales: R0,00
Tax on profit (reflected on leaderboard): R0,00

CodeNameNo. of sharesAve. cost (excl fees)Current price% growthValue% of portfolio
NFSH40 NEWFUNDS SHARIA TOP40 60114 331 322 -2.83% R193 567,08 100%

Total worth after tax: R193 569,07

Transaction History

Transaction dateCodeNameNo. of sharesPriceValue incl. fees 
2020-01-02 07:33:54 NFSH40 NEWFUNDS SHARIA TOP40 29467 338 R99 996,85  
2020-02-01 09:30:01 NFSH40 NEWFUNDS SHARIA TOP40 30647 325 R100 001,16  

Dividend History, if a dividend is missing please go here

LDTCodeNameNo. of sharesDividend per shareTotal dividend