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forward curve BTC on the Investor Challenge is also quoted in ZAR and the Runt looks like it's in weakening mode again. Expect 15 or even higher to USD fairly soon now. So weaker Runt and lower BTC means best to hold in the investor comp i.e. avoid paying taxes on profits. Sun 16:42
forward curve ETH and BTC both clearly very overbought and over-extended now. But weekly and daily momentum are still positive so no reason to sell. Just bring stop losses in quite close. This week could see some fast, gappy corrections so perhaps set guaranteed stops around 5% lower. If stopped out you probably want to look for an opportunity to re-enter on the long side, but we could see up to a 20% correction, so watch daily and 30-min momentum for timing.
Sun 16:37
forward curve ETH definitely the better choice from a utility perspective. Ripple even better if you believe that financial insto's are going to support any of them. But then again, if they do, they would rather build their own. So I don't think we've seen the killer app in blockchain emerge yet. Meanwhile, BTC will be what the crowd (read "dumb money") follows and buys into. It has the lowest utility but highest FOMO and Fear and Greed factors, so expect it to also have the highest vol going forward. The days of puberty and HODL are past now, and crypto has become a trader's dream. Most of the black boxes are clearly MACD / momentum driven in their algo designs so it's easy to sell high and buy low on momentum, not price. Wish there was someone bold enough to offer long dated options but most of the CFD providers (IG etc) are too scared because vol levels are so high.
Sun 16:30
jaDEB Nice :) Fri 10:26
SirDieALot i buy eth rather i feel like btc is a bit over priced for the utility. Thu 16:33
jaDEB I buy every month - payday. :) in real life not IC. You can laugh, it does not matter. My goals do not care how I feel :) Thu 15:16
SirDieALot I wonder is it time to sell btc now? Thu 12:00
jaDEB Tiensent results looking good :) Wed 11:51
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