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floydthebarber71 It's gonna be years before Eskom is sorted out. It has already begun, but it might end up worse-off for the consumer ito pricing. We have it easy right now imo..

The US markets have really messed up my festive period! This week is surely going to see more selling off, just heavy...
Mon 09:44
forward curve When? You gotta love prophets who don't clarify their predictions.  :)

Personally I agree we will get back to around 10 on USD, but in around 2-3 years time. For now we are more likely to bounce around the 14 - 15 level, until elections and the Eskom crisis is over. The silver lining with Eskom could hopefully be that we see it break up into generation - transmission - distribution, and we get a deregulated power market, and steadily falling prices.... Wow, that would be nice, and we could finally join the developing world with a free market.
Fri 10:41
Patrick I was at Simon Brown JSE talk light night with the year end wrap up and predictions for the future. He still thinks the rand could hit R10/$, at the very leaast sub R11. The big danger is eskom. Fri 09:59
Orca FTSE tumbles 2.3% / Emerging markets rebound - Citywire investments today.  :wtf: Thu 15:00
SirDieALot thanks i will have a look at them :D Tue 11:14
Patrick In terms of easy equities yes, in terms of the post office no! Tue 10:48
grahamcr [quote author=Patrick link=topic=236.msg23900#msg23900 date=1543846589]
No but I personally think the way to go is with easy equities. It used to be ABSA but they aren't trustworthy.
Wow so you are a supporter of Markie Barnes then!!
Mon 22:02
Oversix There some big gabs in the markets, makes you think when they going to be filled Mon 17:10
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