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grahamcr Well I wouldn't bank on that, given the idiot female running their IT operation. It was fairly obvious from her interview recently not only does she not know what to do with her paper packet, she doesn't even know it has an opening at one end :LHST: Fri 15:27
Orca E-filing can only be accessed with Adobe and I have tried Chrome and Edge and they would not allow me to open any docs. Perhaps it is my foreign IP address. Next year they will be replacing Adobe with HTML15 or a cost of R1 Billion. :money: Fri 11:56
Bread [quote author=Orca link=topic=236.msg23635#msg23635 date=1539779954]
Their excuse would be that they had to keep to the Halal method.

Thu 19:57
jaDEB Use Explorer not CHrome. Then it works, I had the same problem Thu 14:01
tmsf12 [quote author=Orca link=topic=236.msg23641#msg23641 date=1539852780]
To access my e filing do I need Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player
I don't use Adobe Reader and I was able to complete my e-filing.  I think I used Chrome because the site may have issues with Firefox.

Foxit Reader is a good alternative to Acrobat Reader.
Thu 12:59
Q yeah, went out came home and saw I took a loss of R400k on IBM Thu 12:54
jaDEB U SECOND AgaiN ... NiCE. I IS rooTing For u Thu 12:19
Q Wasup Thu 11:42
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