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Bread Oh my word. Sorry to hear. It's too trivial to mention now but BHP's price was 0 which put me and ol' Pansie at -99% in the Investor Challenge but it's all good now. Mon 20:43
Patrick No idea what that was about bread. I'm in Beira with no power, no mobile networks and too much water that won't stop rising. Trying to connect people to a tiny satellite link so they can try find more rescue helicopters before even more villages end up underwater. Mon 19:14
Bread Thanks buddy.

That looks way better  :TU:
Mon 19:01
Bread Patrick me lad.

We need to talk
Mon 16:46
jaDEB Bought some Amazon on Friday :) Mon 12:38
jaDEB Welcome :) Wed 08:52
Fintentional Greetings all. I'm a total newbie to investing and stumbled across this site after reading one of Stealthy Wealth's posts. I've found it to be invaluable. I have some serious catching up to do - no retiring early for me! Looking forward to learning from this forum. Tue 15:45
gcr Quite sad state of affairs our JSE - on the current chart from position 74 upwards all competitors are showing negative results on their portfolios Mon 19:11
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