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floydthebarber71 Ah ok thanks! So at no point is this supplementing your income? I don't mean to actively rely on it, just wanted to know the thought process on how you guys look at it.. Thu 12:05
jaDEB And I buy small amount of BTC every payday. Wed 16:31
jaDEB No currently I sell JSE (last 4 years) and buy offshore. Stay invested, not take cash. Just move some i.e. Sold Tiensent and bought Amasoon. Sold Tesla and bought Uber. Still need a Afrikaans name for Uber. Wed 16:20
floydthebarber71 Yeah I stayed away from Tesla because it looked so volatile, looks like you could win or lose big there short term...I am still happy with my AMD stock, same game I guess Wed 10:52
floydthebarber71 Ok, but is there a figure you set to take out when it is time to sell, or do you just re-invest a lot of it? I guess I'm talking about cash flow...This probably should be in a separate forum post :) Wed 10:45
jaDEB I sell based based on performance & Outlook. I have Amazoon & Uber. Will sell some NPN in March and buy something new. Maybe Apple. ps. I sold Tesla at 308, still crying . . . Wed 10:10
floydthebarber71 Hey guys. I'm pretty new to investing, currently threw in a bit at US stocks a couple years back and that market seems to be soaring. What is your process on selling invested stock? Do you sell off profits once a year for example, or do you sell specific stocks at specific points based on performance and outlook? The US markets are surely going to correct soon, they seem pretty overbought. But I have no "sell" plans yet, not sure what the norms are and what I should be looking to experiment with... Tue 10:00
George congrats too Diesel & Dust... may everybody except me eat your dust again this year..🤣 Fri 21:25
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