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jayovee Hi Patrick.Please do what needs to be done to undo my Italtile putchase. Thanks. Sun 17:37
grahamcr Thanks Patrick 8) Tue 14:24
Patrick Checking again gcr. I've moved the price scraper out of the hands of cloudflare just in case it was caching old values. Will monitor for a while. Tue 09:33
gcr Patrick - it would appear that the file that you moved into the competition is inaccurate and has affected many competitors standings. Not only is my ranking suspect but Orca has dropped from about 6th to 104th Wed 10:07
Patrick Will check it out GCR. Keeping the prices updated is a real pain. Mon 11:42
Brendanpre 10 Fri 08:45
gcr Seems that the current prices for Click, Cashbuild and others are incorrect in the "game" Hi Patrick - can you possibly investigate Thanks gcr Tue 10:08
Goldengirl Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your input on Easy Equities. I am new to the forum, but not to JSE investments.

I recently encountered problems with Absa Stockbrokers which left me lacking confidence in their system and their ability to communicate with their clients. My portfolio was deregistered without prior notice and I could not reach them telephonically or via email to verify what had happened. It would appear that I was not the only client who found themselves in this predicament.

I am a pensioner and I need a reliable platform that I can trust.

Thank you for the details and for endorsing Easy Equities.

Wed 15:12
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