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Nad_Inagap Badger, I flogged out of it when the D3 RINS in Montauk's book were priced higher than what I thought was sustainable. Wed 11:09
Nad_Inagap Bread, I have access to Iress and Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv), but the best bet if you have access to sharenet is to look at the dividend declaration paragraph in the SENS announcement containing the financials Wed 11:06
Bread Thanks, Nad_Inagap.

Where do you get your info from? I'm looking for a place where I can get all the divi info from besides Sharenet which I pay R120 for.
Wed 06:54
Honey Badger renewable energy, gas production, construction leaders of LFG systems, carbon credits and a future listing on Nasdaq, liquidity for now is not great but could change, located in usa. Tue 12:21
Nad_Inagap Clicks Div 327c Ex-Date 22/01/2020 Tue 11:41
Bread Anybody no what Clicks's dividend declared date and record/last day to trade date is/was? Tue 09:05
Nad_Inagap Badger, you must know something about D3 RIN's that I don't :'D Mon 15:42
Honey Badger Montauk available to invest in? Mon 13:26
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