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Patrick Fixed, seems the change from CSEW40 to SMART was incorrectly announced and google and bloomberg followed it. When they correct their sites it'll break again so just shout if you see that. Tue 16:45
gringots Hi Patrick, Can/Have you fixed CSEW40? Tue 12:31
Patrick Check tomorrow morning. Just converted MMI to MTM, the pricing will update in the morning. Mon 17:35
WealthSmith_1 The change in share code affects investor's holdings and position. The MMI position I had vanished into thin air, taking the entire invested capital with it, and affecting the net profit. Is there something that can be done to mitigate this problem? Mon 16:23
jaDEB Patrick, when I load graphs, the first 2 u can open, then the other two needs to be download. Thus I removed message. ANy reason why? Mon 11:29
Patrick I barely make the top 100! Fri 16:33
jaDEB :) Fri 14:34
grahamcr Oh buddy you have been beaten by a bit coin :D Fri 14:21
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