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Nad_Inagap Monsie134 take my money XD Thu 09:46
Salwynne Hi Patrick, seems like GFI, SSW, ANG, HAR, DRD, SOL, values are broken... Thu 10:51
Shi And RDF not 308. Seems to be multiple shares. Wed 14:12
wyn harmonies price is nor 5441 Wed 06:30
ntshizat Bitcoin Tue 15:35
krycor Though thats in October-November so lots of things can happen esp with US fighting pandemic too. Tue 15:10
krycor Wow.. Gold finally rallied i see and the guys that bought in or stayed in with HAR got rewarded nicely. Will be interesting to watch what happens going forward as defaults and earnings coming in ahead of elections in the US. Tue 15:09
Mr_Dividend very cool, cheers patrick Fri 11:54
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