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Orca Are you guys playing again? Thu 18:48
Impi Hi Patrick I see linde bought out afrox - should my holdings not include an automatic sale and special dividend ? Thu 16:07
Impi Thank you added again ... AFX is showing R0.00 trading price Thu 09:32
Patrick I've rolled it back, you can add it again if you like. Remember it's in cents. Wed 17:24
Impi Hi Patrick I think I broke AFX when inputing the dividend sorry. Wed 14:53
gcr I suspect there is an abberation on the leader board from position 14 everybody has made losses big time Thu 22:07
Bread [quote author=letlhogonolo link=topic=236.msg28398#msg28398 date=1610008285]
This year, I'm making it easy for myself. Just buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cheat code, like Tesla

Thu 16:13
Hstig IC is broken Thu 09:38
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