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Patrick If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! No idea what's going on though. Wed 14:25
rietrot Has anyone seen or have any commentary on Delta and Rebosis. The price of delta is now just getting ridiculous PE of 1. Div of 70, okay the div will be less, but still crazy high. It's like I'm the only person thinking there's something there and the rest of the world think it is going to go up in flames next week? Wed 09:28
grahamcr This market of ours is crazy and has no sensibility whatsoever. I have a portfolio of 24 shares (ETF are a separate portfolio) and yesterday the shares moved positive by + R56,000 and today - R 70,000 and strangely enough the share which has shown price growth is Steinhoff Int Holdings

Crazy, crazy movements in our market since early June this year - just wish all the politicians would roll over and die quietly
Tue 13:55
Nivek And it's not even a real coin! Tue 10:32
jaDEB In the IC a damn coin is a better investor than all of us. Tue 07:27
Patrick But then you bought the wrong seeds, you need to buy seeds which are a hybrid blend of thousands of tree types from all over the world in a ratio based on the size of the tree ;) Mon 16:47
jaDEB Buy seeds Plant them Come back in 20 years and look at your pretty trees I strongly disagree, if you planted your Steinhoff tree and came back in 20 years you would have found that your tree was ripped out, and offer no shade or comfort. Mon 12:43
Patrick done Mon 12:39
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