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willemm Agreed Patrick - just saw a sponsored article on Moneyweb this morning. Wed 19:33
Patrick Never heard of them. Minimum fees are much higher than Interactive Brokers (, whats the benefit? Wed 16:17
willemm hey guys, any thoughts on these ouks? -> Wed 07:28
jaDEB It is sad, so sad. Mon 17:12
Patrick It takes so many views to see the numbers properly from behind the tears Mon 15:44
jaDEB How can Steinhoff still be the most viewed share on Sharenet ? 30% Top viewed Mon 14:45
floydthebarber71 Ah ok thanks! So at no point is this supplementing your income? I don't mean to actively rely on it, just wanted to know the thought process on how you guys look at it.. Thu 12:05
jaDEB And I buy small amount of BTC every payday. Wed 16:31
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