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Patrick It has been a long time Moneypenny. How's life on the other side of the world? Sat 15:16
Orca Yes. JaDeb is vocal here but only if his name is high on the Challenge. He is very quiet now. Fri 18:48
Moneypenny Glad you're still around :) - it's been a weird time for all probably. Fri 00:45
Orca Hi MP. Long time no hear. Everyone has gone. Its only the 2 of us here it seems. Thu 09:53
Moneypenny So, how is everybody doing today? :) Thu 01:58
Orca Finally things are looking up.  My stocks are flying and the ZAR is strengthening. Fri 11:27
hettagouse Some time ago you published an excellent Transfer Fee Calculator. I am wondering if you have an updated version of that available? Mon 23:04
Patrick Brilliant one Orca Fri 15:22
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