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terencej tgo Mon 11:29
Nivek Thanks, watching now. I still can't get how the market has recovered when the world economies are in such a state. It makes no sense at all. Thu 09:04
Datura Thanks, Patrick. Must have been :) Wed 13:32
forward curve Great interview with Druckenmiller... Never seen risk:reward for stocks this bad in this career... Fed has spunked all its firepower due to front running nature of stimulus, and market only rallied to just over half the crash in March... Wed 11:39
Patrick Looks okay at the moment, maybe a temorary glitch. Wed 10:43
Datura Share prices for INP and SOL are broken. Wed 10:05
[email protected] How would a second listing abroad effect a local listing. I.e. MTN listed in Nigeria as well. MTN gets a third of its revenue from Nigeria which gets repatriated back to Johannesburg listed company. Does this change now that it is listed in Nigeria and that third goes to Nigeria MTN and not to South Africa ? Sat 08:22
[email protected] Sat 08:19
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