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Maybe I should sell my Sasol to Google
That's funny :) Hope you don't have too much there...
Thu 08:55
Patrick Personally I split between VT and VWRD. Both are very similar but taxed differently. it depends on many things, like where your tax residence is and if you have a US social security number Tue 00:26
francismichael Hi Patrick, for a friend that is able to invest from a US account, what Vanguard ETF would you recommend that is all world? Mon 16:42
Orca Thanks for asking gcr. We kinda good but reeling from the exchange rate and a 40u% drop in the market. We have plan B in place. Will post in my blog soon. Mon 10:58
grahamcr Has anybody heard from Orca and his family - are they alright and healthy? Thu 19:16
jaDEB Maybe I should sell my Sasol to Google Thu 11:45
Patrick It seems to be a common problem with googles Sasol price, always at R72. I'll try switch to a different source for it. Wed 17:16
jaDEB Patrick your IC is broken. Sasol price is shown as R72. I wish. Wed 17:01
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