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jaDEB Please do not shout at me .. Fri 08:24
jaDEB Doge Coin is doing nice . . .:) Fri 08:23
Bread [quote author=brad link=topic=236.msg28518#msg28518 date=1615879486]
Hi Bread.The free version of Tradingview has a maximum indicators of 3.For example moving averages:MA 8 ; MA 20 ; MA 34.
or you can change it to MA 13 ;MA 34 ;MA 50 or any other number. You can change the color of the line and you can change the line
as solid or broken or uses Tradingview's platform but there you can use any number of indicators and you can
adjust the indicators same as Tradingviews.I hope this explanation is helpful. :-X

Thanks a lot, Brad. All sorted  :TU:
Thu 19:59
grahamcr Patrick - I hear you, but, please clarify on my main contention:- when you sell the funds are returned to your account in Rands, and your account is held in a Rand denominated region, not in some or other USA banking account
That's the nub of my response the funds are not externalized by the investor
Fri 11:46
Patrick @grahamcr Easy Equities USD account, Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade are all happy to work with South Africans. Fri 09:43
grahamcr Janey6177 - where do you get true offshore ETF's? - to my knowledge they are all Rand denominated - which effectively means you invest with a local investment house and they do the investing offshore. If you sell a portion of your LA then you will receive proceeds in Rand and will have no access to the foreign amount whatsoever

Check this out with your current RA advisor to get full details
Wed 13:13
Janey6177 OFFSHORE ETF Mon 11:35
BussoV6 I'm staring 55 in the face any month now.  :)

Thinking of retiring from my RA and putting the money into a living annuity. Anyone know of a provider that has a low-cost offering where I can invest in some decent global ETFs?
Thu 15:54
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