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grahamcr Here's something I'm exploring a bit. If you look at the ETF's in the top 50 - 60 positions in the competition maybe it makes sense to select a few and have them in your TFSA as bankers and/or as growth stock. I'm sure it would make more sense than being in bank investments which are subject to monetary erosion at the hands of inflation. Also because you can effectively trade these EFT's in your TFSA you can as an when prudent sell and bank profits and then reinvest in the same ETF and or change your portfolio holdings Fri 16:43
jaDEB Yes, Mr Venter now has 10%+5%+9%+144% = 168%. I think it is correct, only % of portfolio is incorrect. But overall % is correct. Thus not to worry Fri 14:40
Patrick Was it Mr. Venter or someone else. I'm trying to trace it but I can't find it. Fri 11:54
jaDEB Leader = TBS Tiger Brands Ltd 1500 39171 34917 -10.86% R523 755,00 138.08% Thu 12:34
Patrick Where where? Has it fixed itself or am I not seeing something? Thu 11:36
jaDEB Mr P, your Game she is broken. Some people has more than 100% porfolio's Thu 11:18
Nivek What are the chances of EOH recovering in future? Thu 08:41
Patrick So bad news was actually good news? Tue 15:07
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