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yozzi [quote author=jaDEB link=topic=236.msg20572#msg20572 date=1506080238]
BOughTS SOME moRE btc :)

Where do you buy your btc? Here in SA or offshore?
Sat 12:58
Orca Tip P. Eat in small cafes where the locals eat. Usually in side streets and half the price. We learned the expensive way. Never ask for ketchup or any condiments as it is considered rude and insulting their culinary expertise. Some cafes pile cheeses and breads on your table before you even order. If you eat some, you will pay for the whole lot. Wave it away. Fri 18:17
Patrick I'm doing the Portuguese run today. Mozambique to Portugal via Angola. All I'm missing is Brazil :) Fri 16:41
jaDEB BOughTS SOME moRE btc :) Fri 13:37
brad @Patrick,conduit is an illiquid share.It should not be in the competition list of shares. Fri 11:50
Bread [quote author=floydthebarber71 link=topic=236.msg20557#msg20557 date=1505978215]
Good time to buy Sasol and Sibanye?

Sasol I would treat the same way I'd treat the Rand. It could break out it's triangle either way over the next 3 months.

Sibanye, I reckon, has still got some way to fall but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole until there's a convincing change in the trend to the upside.
Thu 23:46
Bread [quote author=Nivek link=topic=236.msg20556#msg20556 date=1505977349]
Or offshore?
Going offshore seems like such a hassle. It's so much simpler just to trade with ABSA Stockbrokers with their, to me, nice and simple 0.4%. Although my returns will be bigger, I don't know by how much they could/would be offset by a strengthening Rand. And the way I trade I need decent and reliable fundamental and technical data.
Thu 22:52 CTOP50 for the win Thu 20:14
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