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jaDEB Also note you cannot buy less than 100 Tencent shares, Hong Kong Rules :'( Fri 13:14
jaDEB ok Patrick, see my poll now, changed it to help you Fri 13:11
Datura Barloworld revored well... Fri 13:01
Moneypenny Sigh, Telkom-wifi screwing around again. :( Fri 11:04
Moonraker My sympathies Orca, I hope all will turn out alright. Fri 09:47
czc Prayers go out to your wife and family Orca. Fri 09:21
Bread Sorry to hear. Prayers have been sent. Thu 20:56
Snapcase Sorry to hear that Orca, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this tough time. Thu 16:35
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