CageFighter's current holdings are as follows:

Total dividends received: R232,00
Cash on hand (including dividends): R1 054 941,65 (85.29% of portfolio)
Total fees paid: R578,85
Net profit on share sales: R0,00

CodeNameNo. of sharesAve. cost (excl fees)Current price% growthValue% of portfolio
NPN NASPERS LTD -N- 50 289423 363925 25.74% R181 962,50 14.71%

Total worth: R1 236 904,15

Transaction History

Transaction dateCodeNameNo. of sharesPriceValue incl. fees 
2017-09-02 22:42:57 NPN NASPERS LTD -N- 50 289423 R145 290,35  

Dividend History, if a dividend is missing please go here

LDTCodeNameNo. of sharesDividend per shareTotal dividend
2017-09-12 NPN NASPERS LTD -N- 50 464.00 R232,00