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RankGroup nameAve. Net WorthCreated by
1 Eishkom Investments R1 449 528,46 Krummel
2 G-FA R1 260 394,51 monsie134
3 Thunder R1 216 575,12 Mesh
4 myBroadBand R1 207 696,01 Patrick
5 OnlyOne R1 205 749,13 Dolby
6 za R1 194 501,00 Soomesh
7 IT Group R1 187 829,97 nkeyser
8 Guardians of Oa R1 174 273,68 Stormace
9 Thebe Group R1 146 487,75 The alpha
10 RE: New Topic R1 135 425,57 sh33p
11 hackquin R1 103 134,02 ngoria
12 Broeders R871 184,43 Hannes
13 T&M R693 497,16 terencej
14 Brotherhood R597 983,69 Tman

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A challenge within a challenge - About groups:
Following requests on another forum for a group challenge feature this has been implemented. Anyone can create a group, and these groups can then be joined by other members. Please note that each person can only create one group. Filling in the group name field and clicking "Go" will merely rename the group if the creator has previously created one. Members can also only belong to one group. To delete a group you will need to have all members leave the group and join another (or join the ungrouped members group).

Please note: You can only create a group if you have made at lease one purchase.